Some guidelines that will help to make our collaboration effective, fun and worthwhile for both sides. Please make sure to read this page since it represents the fine print.

 Contact and Booking 
To inquire about a mastering session, contact me and let me know about the scope and schedule of your project, the formats requested for your release, as well as any notes and suggestions you may have. 


Your inquiry will remain non-committing until we have an agreement for working on your music and fixed a date for the mastering session. 

 File Transfer  

I exclusively use WeTransfer Plus for file exchanges. Feel free to send your mixes any time, also if you're looking for no-obligation feedback.


If possible, don‘t send links through other platforms, especially not if they require a login. I'm not a Dropbox user and I don‘t have a Google account.


Payments can be made via Paypal or bank transfer, Wise is a great solution for international bank transfers.


Please make sure your payment covers all fees so the billed amount will arrive in my account.

As a new client, I will ask you for an advance payment of the agreed fee. In any case, a master is only finished once you are 100% happy with the results. I will send you an invoice in time before the mastering session begins. 

Returning clients will receive an invoice once a master has been approved, a payment within 2 days after billing is appreciated.


While working on a master I'm fully dedicated to one project at a time. You can always reach me by email, sometimes texting will make sense during the hot phase of getting everything ready. Also here, the rule is there are no rules since each project and client is unique, and I appreciate this fact.


Please make sure you will have the time to check the files I will forward to you.


To work efficiently, it is necessary to receive your feedback within 24hrs. In case you will need longer to evaluate the versions I've sent, let me know so I can re-schedule your project until you're ready.

Turnaround time for a stereo master is between 2-7 days once a session has started and depends on the scale of your project and the flow of communication.

 Evaluating and Confirming your Master  

It is necessary for you to double-check the approved final master before sending it out to a pressing plant or releasing your work into the digital realm. By the time you will receive the master files, I will have checked them thoroughly and assume that they are 100% good to go.

Please listen again carefully anyway!

When it comes to tips on how to evaluate your master, Justin Perkins has put together this brilliant piece of advice for The ProAudioFiles.

Please do not make any changes to your final masters, ie. fade adjustments and other edits, volume automation, or sample rate conversion. Ask me to take care of this, even if a project has been signed off already. 


I won't take credit or responsibility for a master that was altered by a different studio or passed through a different DAW.

Thanks for reading and your interest in my work, I look forward to hearing from you.