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Some guidelines to help make our collaboration effective, easy, and worthwhile for both sides. Please rewiew the following info, which also includes the fine print.

To inquire about a mastering session, contact me and let me know the scope and schedule of your project, the formats requested for your release, and any notes and suggestions you may have. 


Your inquiry will remain non-committing until we agree to work on your music and set a date for the mastering session. 



File Transfer  

I exclusively use WeTransfer for file exchanges. Feel free to send your mixes any time, also if you’re looking for no-obligation feedback.


If possible, don’t send links through other platforms, especially not if they require a login. I’m not a Dropbox user and don’t have a Google account.

Please make sure to properly name and ZIP your files before uploading them.

Your final masters will be archived on my WeTransfer server and can be accessed at any time with the download link you will receive from me.




From new clients and for mixing projects, I’m asking for advance payment of the agreed fee. I will invoice your in time before the session begins. 


Returning clients will receive a 10% discount on the list price for mastering an album, and I will invoice you once the master has been approved. Payment within two days after billing is appreciated.

Payments can be made by bank transfer. Wise is an excellent solution for international bank transfers, secure, easy to set up and low-cost.


Please ensure that your payment covers all fees so the billed amount will arrive in my account. I try to avoid Paypal whenever possible. If this is the only payment method available to you, I will invoice you, including transaction fees, through the platform.



While working on your master, you can always reach me by email.


Please ensure you have the time to check the files I will forward to you.


To work efficiently, it is helpful to receive your feedback within 24hrs. If you need longer to evaluate the prints I’ve sent, let me know so I can re-schedule your project until you’re ready. In this case, I will invoice you at this point.

The turnaround time for a set of files for approval of an album-length project is around two days once a session has started. The delivery of the production master depends on the flow of communication.



Evaluating and Confirming your Master  

You must double-check the approved final master before sending it to a pressing plant or releasing your work into the digital realm. By the time you receive the master files, I will have checked them thoroughly and assume they are 100% good.


Please listen again carefully anyway.


When it comes to tips on evaluating your master, Justin Perkins has put together this brilliant advice for The ProAudioFiles.


Please do not alter your final masters,

i.e., fade adjustments and other edits, volume automation, or sample rate conversion. I’m happy to take care of this, even if a project has been signed off on already. 


I won’t take credit or responsibility for a master altered by a different studio or passed through another DAW.

Thanks for reading,


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