Welcome to Schwebung Mastering, a studio operated by Stephan Mathieu, specialized in preparing audio for analog and digital products, streaming media, and the restoration of archival material.

While our core clientele are artists from around the world working in the fields of electronic, electroacoustic and contemporary classical music, we have collaborated with producers running the gamut of modern recorded music. Many clients have chosen to work with us due to their appreciation of our artistic sensitivity for sound.

On this site you can read about what we can do to help you with creating a production that will stand out sonically. 

Please contact us if you have questions, to discuss your project and to request an individual quote, we look forward to hearing from you.

 About Stephan Mathieu  

Stephan has a background as a musician and producer working in the field of electroacoustics since 1990. He has released 60 records and CDs of his own music on international labels, as well as on his Schwebung imprint, many of them garnering praise in international magazines.


He has performed at Sónar, ATP x Primavera Sound, CTM Berlin, Mutek Montreal, MITO Settembre Musica etc, created site-specific sound installations for festivals, spaces and places across four continents and worked as associate professor for Sound in several international institutions.


Stephan's involvement with mastering goes back to 1998, when he worked as chief engineer in a classic electronic music studio and got commissioned with digitizing their archive of analog and digital recordings of contemporary classical music.


He operates Studio Schwebung from the HICOG Estate heritage site in Bonn, Germany and is a member of the German Tonmeister Association.


Read more about Stephan's background here


Schwebung Mastering

HICOG Estate Bonn

Pennenfeld, Germany