We love the combination of cutting edge digital tools and the best historical valve and transformer technology.  Our digital / analog / digital loop is kept short and sweet to provide maximum accuracy, digital tools allow for meticulous corrections and to the point automations, while our analog mastering console offers the kind of 3-D depth that simply can’t be emulated.


Full range horn-loaded system custom built by Martion Audio


Audeze LCD-X headphones

 Analog Mastering Console  

Equalization, M/S matrix and dynamic processing custom built by Vacuvox

 Digital Workstations  

Steinberg Wavelab 10

Avid ProTools


Merging Technologies


 Digital Tools  

Dave Hill Designs

MAAT Digital


Tokyo Dawn Labs

Weiss Engineering


Schwebung Mastering

HICOG Estate Bonn

Pennenfeld, Germany