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My tools combine cutting-edge digital and the best historical valve and transformer technology. My digital /analog /digital loop is kept short and minimal to provide maximum accuracy. Digital tools allow for meticulous corrections and to-the-point automation, while my hand-built mastering console offers the kind of 3-D depth that analog does best.


I’m working from a 35 m² room with stunning acoustics realized in association with Fraunhofer Institut Bonn



Customized horn-loaded PA system

Audeze LCD-X headphones


Mastering Console  

hand-built by Terry Audio, Vacuvox, and DuTCH Audio 

Cabling by Habst Kabelmanufaktur, Berlin

Power by PS Audio and Analysis Plus



Merging Technologies


Digital Workstations  





Digital Tools 

Cedar Audio

MAAT Digital

Make Believe Studios

Tone Projects

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