Here is an overview of my services and the rates for having your material mastered by me as of January 2022. Since each collaboration is unique, you should take the numbers as a guideline and contact me for your individual quote.

 Stereo Mastering  


Single Track
€ 75 / up to 6 minutes duration


This rate applies if you only want me to master one single track.

7 Inch

€ 140

EP or Album

Prices are based on the number of tracks and the total running time of the project.

€ 9 per minute of audio

plus € 8 per track

Radio edits or instrumentals are 50% if they are delivered with the primary set of mixes.

A master includes the sequenced playlist with adjusted volume relations, dedicated fades, and spacing between tracks to guarantee a perfect flow of your work.


You will receive: 

A set of .WAV files at the native bandwidth (ie. 24/96k) for digital distribution


plus a dedicated folder for one physical format (either Vinyl, CD, or Cassette)


Please see below if you need additional formats.

Revisions are included; this is billed as a new track if you submit a new mix for an already mastered track.

Please note:

I will not charge for every extra minute of work on your material or communication time, and I'm always happy to provide advice on how to archive a better mix.

You can read about my payment terms here.


I have been working in pro audio for over 25 years and maintain a close relationship with some of the best vinyl cutting engineers, pressing plants, CD manufacturers, and printers in the business. I'm happy to help you find the partners that suit your project and requirements best.

 Additional Formats  

DDP image for CD

Cassette Master

Vinyl Premaster

€ 40 for an album

€ 60 for a double

Pro encoded FLAC, ALAC, AAC, mp3 etc

€ 10 for a single track
€ 25 for an album
€ 40 for a double album

 Media Transfer  


I will transfer your historical 33 /45 /78 rpm records and cassette tapes using a high-end playback chain and converters. For the transfer of records I'll use a fully refurbished EMT 938 turntable with a range of correct styli for your stereo, mono or normal groove 78 rpm media.


For cassettes I use a fully serviced Studer A721 tape deck.


Flat transfer uploaded as high res .WAV
€ 100 per hour / 1 hour minimum, then billed per 15 minutes

For the restoration and transfer of your 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch reels I'm collaborating with specialists in Europe, North America and Asia.


Please contact me to discuss your project.

 Attended Mastering  

You can attend your session at no additional cost in my studio in Bonn, Germany. To keep this practical, you will have to deliver your mix in advance for pre-mastering so that we can focus on fine-tuning during your visit.