Selected Mastering and Production Credits


12k (New York)

1703 Skivbogalet (Stockholm)

Antisolar (Paris)

Blank Forms (Brooklyn)

Boomkat Editions (Manchester)

Cirque (Tokyo)

Coriolislab (Montpellier)

Cronicà (Porto)

Dekorder (Hamburg)

Die Schachtel (Milano)

Editions Mego (Vienna)

Empty Editions (Hong Kong)

EN/OF (Berlin)

Experimedia (Kent, Ohio)

Fällt (Belfast)

Häpna (Stockholm)

Orthlorng Musork (San Francisco)

Own Records (Luxemburg)

Palto Flats (New York)

Raster Noton (Berlin / Chemnitz)

Ritornell (Frankfurt)

Rekem (Athens)

Room 40 (Brisbane)

Sacred Bones (Brooklyn)

Saltern (Los Angeles)

Samadhisound (London)

Second Editions (Berlin)

Schwebung (Bonn)

History Always Favours The Winners (Kraków)

Headz (Tokyo)

HEM (Berlin)

Invisible Birds (Brooklyn)

Kitty-yo (Berlin)

Kompakt (Cologne)

Line (Los Angeles)

Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press, San Francisco)

Lucky Kitchen (La Rioja)

mAtter (Tokyo)

Mexican Summer (Brooklyn)

Mille Plateaux (Frankfurt)

Moving Furniture (Amsterdam)

Nature Bliss (Tokyo)

Shelter Press (Paris)

Spekk (Tokyo)

Staalplaat (Amsterdam)

museme. (Australia)

Mutek (Montreal)

Staubgold (Berlin)

Sub Rosa (Brussels)

Supreme (New York)

Temporary Residence (Brooklyn)

Touch (London)

Two Acorns (Tokyo)

Unseen Worlds (Brooklyn)


25. Zagreb Music Bienale

AKOUSMA Festival, Montreal

All Tomorrow’s Parties, Bercelona

The British Library, London

College des Bernardins, Paris

Contemporary Music Research Center, York

Experimental Intermedia, New York

Cosmocaxia New Science Museum, Barcelona

Earle Brown Music Foundation, New York

Electronic Music Foundation San Francisco

Fondazione San Fedele, Milano

Fundação de Serralves, Porto

Fundacion Telefonica, Buenos Aires

Goethe Institute Barcelona, Belfast, Boston, 

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin


LAMPO, Chicago

Merz-Akademie, Stuttgart

MITO Settembre Musica, Milano/Torino

MUTEK Festival, Montreal

National Galerie Stuttgart

Présence Électronique/Ina GRM, Paris

Primevera Sound x ATP, Barcelona

Radialsystem V, Berlin

Radio France, Paris

Rotes Rathaus, Berlin

Semibreve, Braga

Skaņu Mežs, Riga

Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main

Sophiensæle, Berlin

SONAR, Barcelona

Steirischer Herbst, Graz

Triennale di Milano

UNESCO Cultural Heritage Völklinger Hütte

ZKM Karlsruhe


“The reason I wanted you to do this is because you’re a musician, I felt also that you would understand the material. Obviously my recording process is really pretty unorthodox… so I know that can be difficult for mastering. Mostly what I am concerned with are the dynamics on the record – which are really important to me and I know you understand.”

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma


“I regard you as my final collaborator of some sort rather than just a mastering engineer. You are an artist with many years of work and experience behind you. This is the biggest difference between this mastering session and the previous ones, the rest were automatically leaning towards ‘clean’. They are just engineers, not artists. It has become like an automatic routine for them. Which is why I appreciate you ‘breaking the mould’ for my album.”

Fuzz Lee / Elintseeker, Singapore

“Wow, so they both sound great! You’ve removed all doubts I might have had regarding the mix – it all sounds just fantastic now, crisp and not too thin. I don’t usually hear too much of a difference between my unmastered versions and the ones I get back mastered, so this is a welcome change. Sent the tracks to a friend and he asked who mastered it, he was impressed with how it all sounded!”

Roger Tellier Craig

Le Révélateur, Montreal

“The album sounds absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. You have pulled it all together. This was work over two and a half years and there are so many different technologies on this, valve, transistor, digital and acoustic and also different spaces and now it sounds a unified body of work.”

Adrian Corker 



A compilation for Schwebung Mastering with exclusive tracks by some of the leading musicians working in electroacoustic music today.

You can download a lossless version by clicking on the link in the player.


Client: Richard Youngs, Glasgow

Format: LP | Digital

Client: Saltern, Los Angeles

Format: 3xCD | Digital

Client: Christoph Berg, Berlin

Format: LP | Digital


Client: Mexican Summer, Brooklyn

Format: LP | CD | Cassette | Digital

Client: Blank Forms, Brooklyn / Empty Edition, Hong Kong

Format: 2LP | Digital

Restoration of the original 1976 private reels

Client: History Always Favors The Winners, Krakow

Format: CD | Digital

Client: Shelter Press, Rennes

Format: Digital

Client: Eyelashes, Philadelphia

Format: Digital

Client: Two Akrons, Tokyo

Format: 2LP | 2CD | Cassette | Digital

Client: Blank Forms, Brooklyn / Empty Edition, Hong Kong

Format: 2LP | Digital

Restoration of the original 1976 private reels

Client: Second Editions, Berlin

Format: LP | Digital

Client: mAtter, Tokyo

Format: 2LP | Digital

Client: History Always Favors The Winners, Krakow

Format: 2LP | Digital

Client: Mexican Summer, Brooklyn

Format: LP | CD | Cassette | Digital

Client: Temporary Residencies, NYC

Format: LP | CD | Digital

Client: Adrian Corker, London

Format: LP | CD | Digital

Client: Saltern, Los Angeles

Format: CD | Digital

Client: Touch, London

Format: Digital

Client: Dekorder, Hamburg

Format: LP | Digital

Client: 1703 Skivbogalet, Stockholm

Format: CD | Digital

Client: Fuzz Lee, Singapore / Plop, Tokyo

Format: CD | Digital

Client: Pascal Savy, London / Experimedia, Kent, Ohio

Format: CD | Digital

Client: Donnacha Costello, Dublin

Format: Digital


Schwebung Mastering

HICOG Estate Bonn

Pennenfeld, Germany