In September 2018 I will open a new studio facility for hi-end analog mastering, 16 channel analog summing, as well as the restoration of historical records – 78s, 45s, 33s –, cassette tapes and sound for film.

Studio Schwebung features highly accurate acoustics and some very fine analog and digital processors, a personal selection made with 30 years of work experience in first class studios around the world.

Studio Schwebung is located in the Rhine valley next to a nature reserve, yet only 10 minutes by tramway to Bonn City and 20 min to Cologne center. We’re around the corner from Can’s legendary Inner Space Studio and some minutes away from where Conny Plank’s Studio used to be. In case you are planning to visit for an attended project, our house has a guest room.

Grimm LS1be + DMF Subs

Knif Mastering Controller

Knif Soma (valve)
Knif Eksa

Dynamic Processing
Knif Vari Mu II (valve)
Weiss DS1

Analog Summing
Knif Summing Mixer

D/A A/D Conversion

DAW and Digital
Sequoia 14
Algorithmix Restoration Tools
Sonnox EQs and Dynamic Tools
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Tools

Audeze LCD-X
AKG K-702
Grace Design m920 headphone amp

Vinyl Transcription
EMT 930 st turntable with custom valve pre amp and dedicated transcription heads for early 78s, mono 45/33s and stereo records

Cassette Tape Transfer
Studer A 721 Tape Deck

Analysis Plus interconnects and
power cables