In the western hemisphere, 440Hz established after 1936 as the standard pitch, indicating a reference A for tuning instruments. Some say at 432Hz this would be a better place .

This overview will help to estimate the cost of mastering your project based on the duration of submitted material. Since each project is unique you should always contact me for an individual quote.

Charges for Stereo Mastering

€50 per track / up to 2 songs under 5 minutes each

Album and EP
€8 per minute of audio
Ask for an individual quote for multiple tracks with a duration under 2 minutes

The master comprises a sequenced playlist with adjusted volume relations, elaborated fade I/Os and spacings between tracks to guarantee a perfect flow of your work.

It is delivered as an FTP upload of full resolution .AIFF / .WAV files for vinyl, cassette and digital distribution. In case your work will be released on CD, a ready for production DDP 2.0 image is included with the aforementioned rates.

Mastered for iTunes Version
Studio Schwebung is certified by Apple for mastering expressly for distribution by iTunes. This process involves an additional listening check and is charged with

€5 per track

Rates for Stem Mastering and Analog Summing or dedicated alternative versions for different formats will be discussed in advance. As a rule of thumb, stems are billed at €7 per minute of audio while the costs for the mixdown are depending on the complexity of a project. I’m offering high end analog summing of up to 16 tracks, an advance deposit is required for large projects.

Rates for high quality transfer and restoration of historical vinyl (33, 45, 78rpm), cassette tapes and 1/2 or 1/4″ reels are largely depending on the condition of the originals. Please contact me for an individual estimate.

Attended Mastering is possible in my studio in Bonn, Germany at no additional costs.

Turnaround time depending on the scale of your project is between 1-5 days after a session has started.  Please make sure you will have the time to check the files I will send you. In order to work efficiently it is important to receive your feedback within 24 hours.  

You will first receive a proposal for a master of one track of my choice so you can see whether things move in the right direction.

I do not charge you for every extra minute of work on your material or for communication time and I’m always happy to provide advice on how to archive a better mix. However, there are certain cases such as excessive reworking of a master that may raise your costs. I will inform you about this in advance.

In case you will submit a new mix for an already mastered piece, this will be charged as a new track.

Once a master is approved you will receive an invoice, payments can be made by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.  Since you will receive the finished master before the invoice I’m asking for a payment within 2 days after billing. For large scale projects an advance payment is required. Please make sure your payment covers all fees so the billed amount will arrive in my account.  

As a small business I currently don’t charge VAT.

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