An apparatus created in the 1850s by Hermann von Helmholtz able to pick out specific frequencies from a complex sound.

is the crucial final step before getting an audio production ready for release in physical or digital formats. After you have spent weeks, months or even years working on your material, as a mastering engineer I will give an unbiased listen to your mix on linear monitor speakers in an acoustically optimized room. In a proper mastering environment the strengths and possible weaknesses of your mix become evident and can then be adjusted or enhanced appropriately in order to unlock it’s full potential.

Yet mastering isn’t all about polishing up a mix. In case your production will be published on an analog medium like vinyl or cassette tape, aspects of phase correction or high frequency saturation have to be taken care of.

My Objective
is to make your mix sound detailed, deep, and transparent, while contemplating the dynamics and character that your music demands. The warmth that is often lacking when working in the digital domain can be harmonically enriched to give your sound more life, contour and that special radiance. In a result, your production will translate well and sound convincing on a wide range of large or small loudspeakers, as well as on a good pair of headphones.

You can read more about my general approach to sound and mastering here.

For Whom
While I specialize in mastering services for artists and labels working in the fields of Electronic, Electroacustic and Contemporary Classical music, I have collaborated with Rock and Pop musicians, Early Music players and Jazz ensembles. Many clients have worked with me since they appreciate my artistic sensitivity for sound.

Apart from stereo mastering for analog and digital formats I’m offering stem mastering and mixing, as well as soundtrack restoration, mixing and mastering for film.

I’m working with a custom mastering setup comprising selected analog hardware and state of the art digital tools. Besides a set of linear monitor speakers and an acoustically optimized room I consider my ears and sensibility for sound my most important tools. While equipment is certainly a fascinating subject, what really matters is the choice of the right tools and the knowledge how to uses them effectively.

 Instead of giving you a list of gear porn here, I’m inviting you to send me a piece of music for a test mastering. In the end, mastering has to be all about the finished product, not the way it got there.  

If you’d like to take me up on this offer, In case you have questions or want to book a session, get in touch.