In the western world 440Hz started from 1936 on to establish as the standard pitch indicating a reference A for tuning instruments. Some say this would be a better place @ 430Hz.

This overview makes it simple to estimate the cost of mastering your project based on the duration of submitted material. 

Charges for a Stereo Master are
€5 per minute of audio
€20 setup time and preparation

The upload of a ready for production DDP 2.0 file or .AIFF / .WAV files with a Reference CD Image is free of charge. E.g. a 20 minutes stereo master uploaded to you as .AIFF or .WAV files with Master CD Image will cost €120.

Additional Editing and Sequencing
€10 per track up to 15 minutes duration
€15 per track up to 30 minutes duration
€20 per track longer than 30 minutes

Additional Master CD for reproduction
€10 + €3 for each additional reference CD + shipping costs

I’m delivering Taiyo Yuden error checked Red Book compliant discs. However, most pressing plants will prefer a DDP Image instead which is included with the regular mastering rates above.

Rates for Stem Mixing and Mastering, or Alternative Versions for different formats will be discussed in advance. Depending on the scale of a Stem Mastering commission, an advance deposit may be required.

Attented Mastering is possible in my studio in Bonn, Germany, rates have to be discussed according the scale of your project

Turnaround time depending on the scale of your project is between 2-14 days after a session has started.

You will first receive a proposal for a master of a track of my choice first to see whether things move in the right direction.

I will not charge you for every extra minute (or hour) of work on your material or for communication time. However, there are certain unlikely cases such as excessive reworking of a master that may raise your costs. I will inform you about this in advance.

Once a master is approved you will receive an invoice, payments can be made by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

As a small business I don’t charge VAT.